Favourite Designer du moment: Ulyana Sergeenko

donderdag 26 november 2015

Ulyana Sergeenko...
I have absolutely no idea how to say her name correctly out loud,
but I know one thing, the woman has style!

Married to a Russian billionaire, she and her socialite friends have always been
welcome guests at the fashion weeks all over the world.
Inspired by paintings, landscapes, nature...
she decided to launch her own Haute Couture label in 2012.

She easily mixes glamorous 1950's pieces with folksy, babushka elements.
And I just love it!



    As you can see her personal style is already flawless, but
her runway designs are just to die for!

Capsule Collection SS2014:

Haute Couture Collection SS2014:


Absolutely gorgeous, isn't it?
And off course, a look isn't complete without the right accessories.

Accessories SS2014:


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