Barca Barca Barcaaa

zaterdag 31 mei 2014

Okey, let's do this ... again. This time I will try to take this blogging thing seriously. ;)
Mmmmh, but what will I write about in my first blog?
I know, how about my trip to Barcelona two weeks ago?

My mom, the boyfriend and I gave my father this amazing Christmas- & Birthdaypresent.
A trip to Barcelona and 2 tickets for the final footballmatch between Barca & Atl├ętico Madrid.
Special guest: ME. ;)
And so it became a father-daughter journey.

We went for 5 days (which is waaay too short) and we tried to visit all the places of interest
but the higlight of our visit was without any doubt the match.
Too bad Barcelona lost. :(

This was my second visit to Barcelona in 6 months.
I'm totally hooked, the city, the nature, the beach, the beauty of it all, ...
I can go on and on and on about it but I will let the images speak for themselves.
Hope you will enjoy it as mush as we did!

Bye Bye Belgium. Barcelona here we come!

After seeing these pictures, you decided you also want to go to Barcelona?
 (which I can only recommend)
Don't forget, paradise is just a 2 hour flight away. ;)

Have a nice stay!

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