Barcelona: Le Shopping

donderdag 5 juni 2014

Visiting Barcelona without shopping? Sorry, no can do.
Although I had to promise myself I would only buy in shops we don't have in Belgium.
For example Stradivarius. O my God, I'm a total addict now!!!
Praise the Lord for their online shop. ;)

 Let's check out my new treasures.

Keep on dreaming
A girl can never have too many shoes
(& a little Spanish shoe shop)


All jewellery @
Ow yeah! Old school!

Yes, you saw it correctly, after all the pictures of the grown-up stuff,
the last one is a picture of 2 Tamagotchis.
The Dino on the left is exactly the same one I had a long long time ago.
And only for €3. No need to say how happy I was when I saw these little fellas in the shop window.

I also bought a couple of necklaces at Stradivarius but I can't show you pictures right now as I'm doing a little DIY project with them.
I will show them when I finished my project.

Anyway, what do you like the most?

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